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This season has a distinctly futuristic theme, with brand new locations, new challenges and more. As the introduction trailer illustrates, a "time-lapse" has occurred, in which two Fortnite characters take shelter in a bunker to escape the volcanic eruption and are later discovered by "futuristic" inhabitants of a new and improved Tilted Towers.

One hundred collectible computer chips can be collected by Battle Pass buyers during the Fortnite Season 9, but they need to thoroughly search the map for that.

Fortnite received Season 9 this morning on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch and, mobile platforms of Android and iPhone.

What will be in the Fortnite Season 10 Battle Pass? The skins were released early in the Battle Pass but they have different variants to unlock by completing certain tasks. Fortnite has released a tweet from their official Twitter handle.

New Fortbytes have also been added, and it consists of a challenge that makes you find a hidden object. It is also unknown what the bonus and compensation will be for the affected players. Check out the latest news from Season 9 of Fortnite.

Fortnite Creative is also getting updates, including a build-your-own imagined version of Neo Tilted, hover platforms and a creature manager. It seems like the island's economy is booming as Retail Row has been replaced with Mega Mall - a tale that is all too familiar to many small towns around the world. But some players had issues with the event and Epic released a post saying that there would be a compensation for those who were in or tried to be part of the event.

Before the update, Fortnite players noticed that additional V-bucks appeared on their accounts, but some skins disappeared. Not only this, in fact, some other new things are also introduce like - Poison dart trap, Clingers, Buried Treasure, Suppressed Assaulted Rifle, Thermal Assaulted Rifle, and Balloons. Because of the addition of the Combat Shotgun, the highly popular Pump Shotgun has been vaulted, which is sure to upset a few people. The shotgun deals less damage but it is a bit faster and holds more shells.