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The beneficiaries of a collapse in support for the Tories in London appears to be the Brexit party, which from a standing start is polling in second place.

The Conservatives were fifth with just ten per cent. Even after the delay of Brexit till October 31 and after repeated failures by the United Kingdom government to get the necessary parliamentary backing, some retain the distant hope that Britain could still leave before the end of June.

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt said European Union leaders did not want an extension beyond the new deadline of October 31, when the legal default is to leave with or without a deal.

It comes after shadow Brexit secretary sir Keith Starmer told The Guardian on Sunday that a cross-party Brexit deal would not get through Parliament unless it was subject to a fresh public vote.

YouGov has the Conservatives coming first in the general election but losing almost half their parliamentary seats.

Targeting Labour voters on a European election campaign stop in Yorkshire, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage claimed a new referendum would help him win a majority in Parliament at the next general election.

Two parties which support staying in the European Union, the Liberal Democrats and the Greens, were on 15 per cent and 11 per cent respectively.

But if Britain is still a member of the EU when the new European Parliament convenes on July 2, they will have to be seated.

A group of 13 former ministers and senior Tories has written to Mrs May, saying she will lose the "loyal middle" of her party if she strikes a deal with Labour.

The attack follows another day of negotiation between Labour and the Conservatives on Monday, after which neither side would discuss the details of the talks.

If a [Labour] deal is going to include a permanent customs union then frankly we are better off staying in the EU because at least then we'd have a voice.

Asked in the same interview whether he could potentially work with the Conservatives to deliver Brexit, Farage said this would only happen if the party elected a leader who supported "no deal" and "who gets rid of the Hammonds, and all the Remainers in the Cabinet".

"And the whole problem why David Cameron left us in the most horrendous lurch was because we had an ill-defined vote with no real definition of what would go on afterwards, and that is why we are in this political impasse now".