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Attorneys for Huawei's CFO previewed their arguments for halting USA efforts to extradite her from Canada, citing comments by President Donald Trump to support their view that the case is politically motivated.

The CFO was arrested in December by Canadian authorities at the request of the United States and was charged with bank and wire fraud relating to the American Sanctions levied on Iran.

Meng lawyers said comments by Trump, who told Reuters the charges against Meng could be dropped if that would help China trade talks, disqualify the United States from pursuing the case further in Canadian courts. She is accused of violating USA sanctions against Iran and defrauding banks by hiding such activities through a Huawei subsidiary.

Huawei said in a statement on Wednesday that the criminal case against Meng was "guided by political considerations and tactics, not by the rule of law".

Following her arrest, China detained former Canadian diplomat Michael Kovrig and Canadian businessman Michael Spavor in what observers saw as retaliation. Those matters must be dealt with first before extradition hearings can begin, her defense has said.

The Chinese tech executive at the centre of a high-profile global extradition case is due in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver on Wednesday.

A Huawai official said Wednesday that Meng's financial activities were done openly and with the full knowledge of the banks.

An executive at China's biggest telecommunications firm, Meng was released on C$10 million ($7.4 million) bail in December and is living with her husband and youngest daughter at one of the family's two luxury homes in Vancouver.

VANCOUVER-Future court dates for Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou were set in a Vancouver court today, and the judge also allowed her to move to one of her homes in a more upscale area.

They also refuted the principal accusation that Meng misrepresented to USA banks Huawei's business dealings in Iran. Days after Canada launched the extradition process against Meng in March, China announced it suspected Kovrig of spying and stealing state secrets.

Benjamin Howes, vice-president of media affairs at Huawei, said in a statement that Meng intends to apply to the court for a stay of the extradition proceedings. However, Canada does not impose sanctions on financial services in relation to Iran.

The allegations against Meng are based on violations of USA sanctions against Iran, but Canada does not impose sanctions on financial services in relation to Iran, and because of this, the allegation she faces is not a crime in Canada, he said.

She arrived at court, wearing an elegant full-length black and gray weave-pattern dress, with the ankle monitor prominently visible.

Huawei is also in the USA crosshairs as Washington seeks to convince Western nations to shun the telecom firm over security concerns. She will next appear in court on September 23, when her defence will make more applications for further disclosure surrounding her arrest at the airport.

There has also been economic pressure - China has halted Canadian canola imports and suspended the permits of two major pork producers amid the dispute.

Meng has also filed a lawsuit against the Canadian government, alleging procedural errors by officers who arrested her.