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You can now migrate your Nest account into your Google account giving the added control that comes with a Google account. All the existing products under Google Home hub and all the upcoming products will be enlisted under this brand.

The implicit camera in the Nest Hub Max can be utilized for video talks by means of Duo, reconnaissance, and the sky is the limit from there.

Google claims privacy is an important aspect of Nest Hub Max, and believe it or not, that seems to be rather true. Here's what it's like. It syncs with other smart home devices like video doorbells and keeps all the smart home controls in one easy-to-use place. The next-generation Assistant will reach new Pixel phones later this year.

Google's blog post says, "With Nest Hub, we offered you the option to enable Voice Match, so the Assistant can recognise your voice and respond specifically to you".

Using its microphone and camera the smart screen can use voice and facial recognition to detect which member of the family it's talking to it and personalise its responses.

At the same time, the company has announced that it's ending the Works With Nest program, which allowed smart-home device makers to integrate Nest products with their own gadgets in interesting and very helpful ways. There's a hardware switch so the mics and the camera are disconnected for privacy. When they launch an updated generation of the device, it will likely be called Google Nest Chromecast.

The news represents the next logical step after Nest was brought into the fold of Google Home devices, alongside Google Home and Chromecast, after previously acting as an independent subsidiary of Alphabet. The Nest Hub Max will be available for purchase later this summer.

Google also cut down last year's Nest Hub's price to $129 and said that the smart display will be released to 12 other countries, including India, this year.

The camera can be taught to recognise individuals' faces as they approach the display and proactively show them their personal information such as calendar and messages on the screen.

With the Assistant powered by Duplex on the web, you can complete these tasks much faster since it fills out complex forms for you.

They're also updating the virtual Assistant powering its devices, with the aim to make life's little tasks easier by learning more about you.