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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this week it has recorded 695 cases of measles from 22 states this year - the highest tally since measles was thought to be eliminated from the U.S.in 2000. The county has seen almost 50 new cases of measles in less than a month confirming what his administration had predicted, that "this outbreak continues to rage despite the best efforts of our department of health".

A measles outbreak hasn't yet hit the Mid-Michigan District Health Department's three-county area, but health officials have a plan ready just in case.

"The MMR vaccine is available in most primary care practices, at the public health department and at many pharmacies", Curry shared.

Amid the worst measles outbreak in recent USA history, President Donald Trump appeared to pivot away from his anti-vaccination positions today.

USA measles cases have climbed to their highest level in 25 years, largely because misinformation is turning parents against vaccines.

As Orthodox Jewish residents of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and Rockland County continue their observance of Passover, a growing Measles outbreak shows no signs of slowing down.

"They have to get their shots", Trump told reporters at the White House.

A person should not get the vaccine if they are severely immune-compromised, are pregnant or have experienced an allergic reaction to a previous MMR vaccine.

In 2019 to date, there have been 38 cases of measles in California. If those people are vaccinated, only one out of 20 would get measles.

He first weighed in on the issue in 2012 in a tweet saying, "Massive combined inoculations to small children is the cause for big increase in autism".

In the past, Trump has given some support to the anti-vaccination movement, claiming, for example, that heavy doses given to young infants may be linked to autism. We have babies born with measles.

The virus is extremely contagious and can live and be passed to someone for up to two hours after an infected person has left the room.