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Today Congressman Pappas and Congresswoman Kuster voted to pass H.R. 1644, the "Save the Internet Act of 2019", a bill to re-instate the Obama-era FCC policy of Net Neutrality.

The largely symbolic 232-190 vote on the "Save the Internet" bill aims to restore regulations approved in 2015 and then rolled back in 2017 in the latest back-and-forth over the contentious internet issue that has been debated for over a decade.

Senate Republican leaders oppose the bill and the White House has pledged to veto the measure if it makes it to the president's desk.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said Tuesday that the bill is "dead on arrival" in this Senate because the chamber will not take it up. It includes rules to prevent internet service providers from blocking or throttling legal traffic, or charging companies like Netflix for unfettered access to "fast lanes", a concept known as paid prioritization.

Commissioner Michael O'Rielly said that like many others, he would have welcomed a clear, thoughtful, and bipartisan Congressional directive with respect to the FCC's authority over the Internet.

"A free and open internet is crucial to ensuring every small business has an equal shot at success and no consumer is locked out of the opportunity to access information", said Congressman Pappas. Since then, net neutrality has turned into a political football with Democrats in favor of overturning the FCC's decision, and Republicans looking to keep the status quo. During the FCC's repeal effort, millions of Americans wrote the agency in staunch support of the government's rules, spurred on by Web activists and the likes of HBO's John Oliver. The Trump administration said the bill would "return to the heavy-handed regulatory approach of the previous administration". "The overwhelming show of support for the Save the Internet Act proves how important and popular Net Neutrality has become".

The New Hampshire Labor News is a group of NH Workers who believe that we need to protect ourselves against the attacks on workers.

Net neutrality advocates embarked on their campaign to restore the government's rules nearly as soon as Pai finished his repeal.

Rep. Frank Pallone, D-N.J., who chairs the House Energy and Commerce Committee, argued the Democratic-backed bill could lead to a bipartisan dialogue.

Whatever the outcome, the losing parties may petition the Supreme Court to hear the case.