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Players can change their PSN ID via the PS4 or Sony's PlayStation website.

As with all new feature rollouts though, some kinks haven't been worked out.

That online ID change service is now available, and that means if gamers initially picked a silly call sign, and now want a new name you can now get one.

Sony will only let you change your account name once for free, so make sure to pick a good name in advance. Well, that depends on whether you're doing it via your PS4 or via browser. We strongly recommend you check them out.

Q: How many times can I change my ID?

And better yet, it's free (but just this one time). If someone has an active PlayStation Plus subscription, it will be $4.99, but it will be $9.99 if they don't.

Have you ever wished you could change your PlayStation ID?

Child accounts can not change their online ID.

If you change your mind and want to revert back to your old ID, that is always possible free of charge, and no one else can claim your old ID even after it has been changed. You could test out a new name for a bit, and see how it goes - and if it's not quite a fit for you, be back to your old ID in no time at all.

Before taking the plunge, however, know that there are issues associated with changing your ID, such as your previous handle remaining visible to you and your friends.

Most games should continue to work without any problems but due to the way your ID is linked to your account some games do have issues. From there, select Profile, and there you'll find Online ID.

The name change only works with PS4 games published after April 1, 2018. This point is further clarified by PlayStation who set a date of April 1, 2018, for when a game must have been published after to support the feature.

They've provided a list of tested games right HERE.

PS3 and PS Vita games don't support the feature.

For example: a game released in 2015 has been re-mastered or re-sold as a complete edition in 2018 will not support the ID change feature. The games on this list may reset your game progress, including any record of in-game currency you may have purchased with real money.

If that sounds like too much to remember, you can check this handy list of tested games and potential issues.