KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Going into last night's game at the Golden State Warriors, if a soothsayer had somehow accurately predicted that the Suns would follow up their previous night's loss at Portland with a blowout loss in Oakland, not a single Suns fan would have batted an eye.

The lip readers were wrong. As the broadcast cut to commercial, the camera lingered on Kerr who seemed to vent to Mike Brown about, "I so f*cking exhausted of Draymond..." Another video shortly after from Mike Weisberg shows a longer version which wasn't cut by cameras. "I talked to him briefly, and he didn't think it was too bad".

Though Kerr shed no light on the precise source of his exasperation, league sources indicated at least part of it was related to Green and other Warriors making it a habit to question, sometimes aggressively, calls by officials.

Devin Booker leads the way for the Suns with 24.9 points, four rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game. National Basketball Association favorites of 17 points or more had gone 85-1 in the last 20 seasons, according to ESPN.

Golden State struggled nearly across the board in this game, with a few single performances being the exception. Kerr's squad struggled mightily from outside against the Suns, connecting on just 10 of their 43 shots from deep (23.3 percent). The Warriors, the two-time NBA champions and perceived preseason favorite to walk all over the Association for their third-straight ring, dropped a game to a team they've dominated the past five seasons. Their lead over the Denver Nuggets stands at 1.5 games and they're four games in front of the Houston Rockets, who now sit in the No. 3 spot. He stayed down, and the Warriors immediately fouled to stop play.

The Warriors next face the Rockets on Wednesday.

Even more, it was their 10th home loss of the year, the most Kerr has suffered during his tenure in Golden State.