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Government lawyers countered that Manafort's millions were built on a criminal enterprise in which he hid tens of millions of dollars in foreign income and failed to pay more than $6 million United States in taxes.

He is due to be sentenced in another case next week related to his illegal lobbying.

Manafort volunteered to work for the Trump campaign for free.

What happened at the hearing?

The judge himself even noted that when Manafort addressed the court Thursday, he didn't express any regret for his crimes.

"The question was asked yesterday about pardons, with respect to Paul Manafort, who - it's very sad what's happened to Paul, the way he's bring treated, I've never seen anybody treated so poorly - but the question was asked to me by the New York Post and I said no, I have not offered any pardons", said the president. "My life is professionally and financially in shambles". "I concluded that it was legitimate" for the special counsel to charge Manafort with financial crimes, Ellis said.

The sentencing guidelines for Manafort's crimes call for between 19 and 24 years in prison but his defense attorneys have urged Judge TS Ellis to impose a "substantially" lower jail term.

Manafort, with noticeably grayer hair than just months ago, was brought into the courtroom in a wheelchair holding a cane, wearing a green prison jumpsuit emblazoned with the words "Alexandria inmate" on the back.

His legal team has previously said he suffers from debilitating foot pain resulting from gout as a result of his incarceration.

What's the background to the case?

A jury found Manafort guilty on guilty on eight counts during a three-week trial over the summer - five tax fraud charges, one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts, and two counts of bank fraud. At his trial, one juror refused to join the other 11 to convict him on 10 additional foreign banking and bank fraud charges.

Prosecutors alleged that Manafort used offshore bank accounts in Cyprus to hide more than $US55 million from Ukrainian politicians from the tax authorities.

Two months later, the special counsel's office accused Manafort of violating this plea deal by "lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Special Counsel's Office on a variety of subject matters".

Who's who in the Russia-Trump inquiry?

Manafort was found guilty in August 2018 on eight of 18 felony counts.

The sentence caps the only jury trial following indictments stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Manafort's lawyers had argued that the charges against him were outside the special counsel's remit to investigate possible collusion with the Kremlin.

But his hopes for a reduced sentence in the Washington case may be in jeopardy after a federal judge recently found that he lied to Mueller's team in response to some, but not all, of their inquiries.

Attorney Kevin Downing arrives at the Federal Court for the sentencing of his client, former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

Mueller is preparing to submit to U.S. Attorney General William Barr a report on his investigation into whether Trump's campaign conspired with Russian Federation and whether Trump has unlawfully sought to obstruct the probe. Jackson's ruling could have an impact on the severity of his sentence in both cases.

The special counsel's office replied in a filing Tuesday. In the District case, prosecutors say Manafort failed to live up to the terms of his plea bargain by providing false information to investigators in interviews. He could get up to 10 years.