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"Monica Witt is charged with revealing to the Iranian regime a highly classified intelligence program and the identity of a us intelligence officer, all in violation of the law, her solemn oath to protect and defend our country, and the bounds of human decency", said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Demers.

Former U.S. Air Force Officer Monica Witt was charged on Wednesday by the Department of Justice with sharing government secrets with the Iranian officials.

The indictment also alleges that Witt planned to go to Russian Federation in 2013 to contact WikiLeaks without disclosing her location.

The Justice Department also says Witt conspired with the Iranian government to research and create "target packages" that enabled the government to "identify, track and neutralize" Witt's former US counterintelligence colleagues.

In one message she wrote that she might "do like (Edward) Snowden", the former United States intelligence contractor who in early June 2013 leaked thousands of documents on the operations of the National Security Agency.

Prosecutors say that Witt established relations with individuals she met at the conference, one of whom later arranged her defection to Iran in August 2013, where she received housing and computer equipment from the Iranian government.

Witt first traveled to a "Hollywoodism" conference in 2012, when she appeared in Iranian television videos in which she identified herself as a former USA service member with.

On arrival in Iran, the Tehran government is said to have provided her with housing and computer equipment for her to help track down U.S. intelligence officers.

Monica Witt, who worked in the U.S. Air Force from 1997 until 2008, was last spotted in Asia, in 2013.

Drawing upon classified information obtained from Monica Elfriede Witt, IRGC-affiliated hackers attempted to develop malicious software and fake social media profiles to target US-based spy agencies.

The same indictment charges four Iranian nationals, Mojtaba Masoumpour, Behzad Mesri, Hossein Parvar and Mohamad Paryar with conspiracy, targeting former colleagues of Witt in the US Intelligence Community.

Witt had been on the FBI's radar at least a year before she defected after she attended an Iranian conference and appeared in anti-American videos.

Witt is believed to still live in Iran and is at large.

"I just hope I have better luck with Russian Federation at this point", Witt wrote to an unidentified co-conspirator in 2013, the year she defected.

Neither Witt nor the four men, who worked for Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, could be contacted for comment because their whereabouts are unknown.

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In a parallel action, the US Treasury announced sanctions on the New Horizon Organization, a Revolutionary Guard group that had invited Witt to Tehran in 2012, and a separate company tied to the hacking effort. The connections she made at that event with dual Iranian-American citizens enabled her to defect the following year.

However, one agent who friended the fake account added the hackers to a Facebook group filled with United States government agents, allowing them to gather more information, according to the indictment.

During her time in the military, she had top secret clearance, the indictment says, which gave her access to intelligence materials that contained the real names of American sources and clandestine agents.