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Many baseball fans and media personnel alike saw this tweet and took it to mean that Harper, the cover athlete for the game, would announce who he is signing with by simultaneously releasing the cover photo for the game depicting Harper in his team's new digs.

The fact that San Diego only won 66 games past year shows how much of a work in progress they are heading into the 2019 season, and while the team has a few key players like Will Myers to work with, the addition of someone like Harper certainly wouldn't solve all their problems.

With every argument made for a team to sign Harper - starting with his age and status as one of baseball's most feared hitters - there seems to be at least one counterpoint. Jim Bowden of ESPN reported earlier this week that "there are indeed 'mystery team (s)' in on Bryce Harper that the public is not aware of" along with the known pursuers: the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago White Sox, San Diego Padres and maybe Washington Nationals. That is no different with San Francisco.

Giancarlo Stanton also factors into the Yankees' outfield plans. If Klentak can sign Harper, betting on the Phillies to win the National League would be like betting on the sun to come up. That was sometime around October 29. The Phillies and Nationals the teams that could give Harper what he wants.

The allure of playing in the Bay Area for a world-class organization appears to be something that has always attracted Harper, as these old tweets from 2013 and 2014 show. And yet there has been limited talk of what's really going on with Harper, oddly enough, outside of a small handful of teams and his recent meeting with the Giants. But who's to say, at this point of the calendar, that the Giants don't have as good a chance as any team to land him?

Still, as frustrating as this was to see for Phillies fans, this also shows how much potential this young team has when it comes to one day becoming a serious contender again, and it's safe to assume that Harper has noticed some of their underrated moves this offseason.