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A very lucky cat in Montana is happy and healthy after thawing out - literally - at an animal clinic over the past week following a miraculous rescue.

A frozen cat was miraculously brought back to life after it was found unresponsive in a snow bank.

After being taken into care at the vet clinic and treated for several hours, slowly bringing her core temperature back up to normal levels, Fluffy SOMEHOW got another go at life and made a pretty incredible recovery.

PHOTO: Fluffy was found frozen solid in a snow bank in Kalispell, Montana, on January 31, 2019. Looking at the photo of what she looked like when she arrived at the local vet in Kalispell, I mean that is one frozen meow. "And then they realized, oh my gosh, she's not moving".

The northern Montana town was experiencing, well, winter.

Fluffy was found frozen under a layer of snow. "Either something fell on her or she fell or something chased her and she got injured".

So low the staff couldn't even measure it on their thermometer.

It was not clear how long the cat had been there, but the temperature that afternoon in Kalispell was just below freezing.

She was so cold the staff struggled to get an IV in her right away.

"They used a few different methods to raise her body temperature: warm water, hair dryers, heated towels that were rotated out", Dutter said.

"And finally, we put her in a heated kennel".

The cat's owners rushed Fluffy to a local animal clinic in Kalispell.

The three-year-old cat mostly stayed outdoors before, but now she'll be staying inside - where it's nice and warm.