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"R Kelly's music sales and his streams have spiked substantially since the release of "Surviving R. Kelly" docuseries, and I'm having a really hard time understanding why", Jada Pinkett Smith asked.

"We asked Lady Gaga".

Many have echoed her outrage on Twitter. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This doesn't look good for Gaga, we have to admit.

The R & B legend was accused of horrific abuse by multiple women in the docuseries.

Ahead of the show's premiere, R. Kelly's lawyer, Brian Nix, sent a legal warning to Lifetime threatening to sue the network if they aired the docuseries, TMZ also previously reported. Eventually, security did remove her from the concert without explanation.

The rage online is palpable, as numerous fans have pointed out that this exact silence is how Kelly has been left to his own enabled devices for years. They, and others, relay similar accounts of meeting a man they adored who was sweet and charming, who promised to help them in their careers, and who then became a monster. The idea of comparing black women like my mother, who risked her life to bring me into this world, or my fiancée, whom I couldn't even begin to imagine a life without, is beyond insane; psychotic even.

Chance, 25, did not partake in the series, but a quote from a May interview with the lifestyle platform Cassius was included. Only a few people interviewed are directly complicit in Kelly's operation: an assistant who would go with Kelly to malls to find girls; an anonymous employee who works at Kelly's house; his older brother, who is the only person interviewed who outspokenly wonders what the problem with Kelly's behavior is. Heartbreakingly, even friends such as Questlove declined to appear, despite believing the accusers' words. It appears they also felt scared for their families. Can you, people in general, separate the Art from the Artist?

Kelly has denied the allegations.

Smith giggled while telling the story as if he showed little or no remorse.

"The sad truth is", human rights organization BlackWomensBlueprint tweeted, "Survivors... still face pushback from naysayers who question their stories or dismiss the crisis of sexual assault - especially against Black women and girls. It's a bad burden to have to endure".

The mother-of-two added: "I wish I could be as eloquent as John-but f**k R. Kelly. Her family didn't talk to her for 10 years after she testified at that trial, members in her family". "I just want to understand what I'm missing". "When I went into this project, I was clear that he was a predator and that he targeted young and vulnerable girls. I made a mistake".