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Trump has regularly opined on sensitive judicial proceedings from the special counsel case to federal appeals court rulings. In describing what they are, the first phrase was "a criminal investigation", before almost a full line of redacted text.

With each twist of the investigation, a fascinating trove is building of hints and implied connections, odd coincidences and apparent shady links between key players that is crying out for explanation. That conversation took place the day the Obama Administration announced it was imposing sanctions on Russian Federation for attempting to interfere in the election, raising questions about whether he violated the Logan Act, which bars private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments about official disputes.

The Cohen plea moves the Russian Federation investigation closer to possible ties between then-candidate Trump and Russian Federation, according to Virginia Democratic Senator Mark Warner.

There has been speculation that he is trying to leave a detailed paper trail in public in case Trump manages to fire him in a power play or he is somehow constrained in his writing of a final report.

Trump continued to appear to be distracted - and infuriated - by the Mueller investigation.

Mueller's probe, which could threaten Trump's presidency, has already ensnared 32 individuals and three Russian firms.

That episode, which Trump has denied, is among those under scrutiny by Mueller as he probes whether the president attempted to obstruct the Russian Federation investigation.

Trump's message had an immediate effect on supporters.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (left) has repeatedly called on President Trump (right) to hand over cleric Fethullah Gulen - a Pennsylvania resident who he believes was behind a failed coup in 2016. "The truth is very bad for their mission!"

The filing goes on to say that soon after the special counsel's office reached out to Flynn, he "accepted responsibility for his unlawful conduct and began cooperating with the government".

In his guilty plea agreement, Flynn confessed he misled investigators about his conversations with then-Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak during the Presidential transition. At that stage he was 24 days into his brief tenure as national security adviser and the first of a long list of Trump staffers to be sacked. On Tuesday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller shared just a small amount of what he told them in a legal filing that should spook the White House. Mueller noted that Flynn later worked extensively with the special counsel's investigation, likely prompting other witnesses to be more forthcoming. Some of it could be sealed. But he also seemed to be sending a message to others, who may still be under scrutiny.

For example, what is to become of Gates? Trump said. "He lied for this outcome and should, in my opinion, serve a full and complete sentence".

That will only further infuriate Trump.

Mueller's investigation is still progressing, despite the elevation to acting attorney general of Matthew Whitaker, who has been openly critical of the probe.

But the filing provides only a narrow window into Mueller's investigation. Not only that, but Kilimnik also was in contact with Manafort and Gates while they ran Trump's campaign.

"This is genuinely looking like witness tampering". He faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison based on the charges he pleaded guilty to.

Mueller also appears to be looking at a set of unusual coincidences.

Since the plea deal, Trump has also attacked Cohen as "weak" and a liar.

If Mueller is allowed to proceed unimpeded, the public may learn a lot more about what he has uncovered in the coming weeks.

Then there is the "Access Hollywood" connection. His attorneys are expected to request that he be placed on probation and not have to spend time in prison. There is no suggestion that Michael Flynn had anything to do with collusion.