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The Boeing company confirmed the information about ezine operators of Boeing 737 Max warnings about the operation of the aircraft in the event of a failure in the sensor of the angle of attack (AOA).

The Lion Air 737 Max 8 dove into the Java Sea on October 29 minutes after takeoff, nosing downward so suddenly that it may have hit speeds of 600 miles an hour before slamming into the water.

Investigators had found significant evidence that the crash of Lion Air flight J610 last week was likely caused by problems with this AOA display.

The sensor keeps track of the angle of the aircraft nose relative to oncoming air to prevent the plane from stalling and diving.

A Lion Air spokesperson said all 143 passengers and seven crew were safe, and the carrier conveyed apology to all passengers for any inconvenience, and sent a team to inspect the aircraft.

Boeing said it is continuing to work with the Indonesian investigation.

Meanwhile, the plane's other black box, the flight data recorder, was located Thursday, and investigators said it showed Flight 610 had performed 19 flights - including its final flight.

Authorities have yet to recover the jet's cockpit voice recorder from the sea floor, just northeast of Jakarta, where the plane crashed 13 minutes into its flight.

That angle-of-attack sensor is meant to measure the direction of air flow over wings so that they maintain lift.

The plane dove suddenly crashed after takeoff.

In a statement November 5, the Indonesian transportation-safety committee called on the U.S. National Transportation and Safety Board and Boeing "to take necessary steps to prevent similar incidents, especially on the Boeing 737 Max, which number 200 aircraft all over the world". However, if the sensor malfunctions, it can cause the plane's computers to erroneously think it is in a stall-which can then command the aircraft to abruptly dive. More than 4,700 737 MAX have been ordered in total, making it one of the most popular airliners.

Pilots can counteract this for up to 10 seconds at a time by pushing a switch on the airplane's controls.

KNKT said that there was a problem with the sensor on the last flight taken by the doomed plane, from the island of Bali to Jakarta, even though one sensor had been replaced in Bali. In addition, a system known as elevator trim can be changed to prompt nose-up or nose-down movement.

United Technologies Corp. supplies the angle-of-attack sensors and indicator for the 737 Max, according to Airframers.net. In the early days of the jet age, the pitch trim system was linked to several accidents.