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The iPhone XR was the "one more thing" device that Apple CEO Tim Cook presented at the iPhone event in September 2018 following the Apple Watch Series 4 and iPhone Xs announcements. Apple says that the XR offers one and a half hours more battery than the 8 Plus, but its official specs page shows that it offers more Internet use and video playback time than both the XS and XS Max, and based on some of the initial comments we have been hearing, the XR might indeed be having the best battery life of any iPhone so far. However, instead of the proposed five body colors, including orange coral, but the situation is generally does not help. There's more display than the regular XS, but the phone itself is also larger - just not as large as the Max.

And while the iPhone XS launch saw buyers ponying up for premium features including the Super Retina display and dual 12-megapixel rear cameras, the iPhone XR still has its own selling points. Fast charging as the adapter with a Lightning to 3.5 mm, in a box and never will be. The good thing this year with the iPhone XR is that you have six color options to choose from and with T-Mobile Jump On Demand I can switch color/storage options in the future too. Did Apple do anything new this time around? I use an iPhone 6s, and what's kept me from upgrading the last few years is the absolutely insane expense of purchasing a new iPhone. But hey, the processor is the same, the main cameras are the same, you still get Face ID, and the new iPhone design, though with a slightly thicker bezel. And the iPhone XR has a single camera rather than a dual setup of the iPhone Xs.

Smart HDR is similar between the two cameras, though the feature is a bit more hit or miss when it comes to the handling of highlights and complex lighting situations.

Also Read: Apple iPhone XR review: More affordable yes, but is there a compromise here? The new iPhone XR isn't probably going to pull in any crowd as it should because it's not probably a big bang while it's supposed to be a big bang. This probably won't be a life-changing feature for most people - after all, it requires an extra accessory, which can cost about $US40 - but it's certainly nice to have.

After a day of using the iPhone XR, it looks like this one may actually be a keeper. However, it is smaller than that of the iPhone XS Max with 12.08 Wh.

Which is fab, because it means you're not getting a camera in the XR that feels like it's suffering from being in the cheaper model - it feels more like a different approach to the same goal.

iPhone XR comes with IP67 rating for water and dust resistance. iPhone XR offers connectivity options like 4G VoLTE, Bluetooth 5.0, NFC and Wi-Fi.

The iPhone XR's shot is on the left here, the iPhone XR's is on the right. Let us know in the comments.

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