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"That catches people off guard", she said.

The current USA lottery jackpot record is $1.586 billion, split by three winning Powerball tickets in January 2016.

That jackpot could soar to $2 billion if there's no victor, according to the Maryland and Texas Lotteries.

That would mean a 25 percent chance of no victor. Conversely, the odds of winning the jackpot fell from 1 in 258 million to 1 in 302 million, ABC said.

The fever has struck nationwide. That day Kansans bought $9.7 million worth of tickets.

States receive a percentage of lottery ticket sales and then use the money to support public schools or meet other needs.

Staff at Billy's One Stop say at certain times today there have been rushes of people stopping in to buy a ticket.

What would her customers do with the winning ticket?

But now, a victor who opts for the lump sum stands to collect a little more - $913.7 million.

But that's before taxes.

If you happen to be that one lucky person taking home a billion dollars, financial advisor Raphael Musto says you need to keep a strict budget. That would also result in the lump sum amount of $1.142 billion, which is nothing to sneeze at.

Lottery fever has definitely gripped the Sunflower State. The first is through 30 annual payments.

"I'm going to take a few days off of work and go to Atlantic City", Jordan said, according to the lottery news release.

It's not just you.

So far, no one has stepped forward to claim the prize in SC.

It costs $2 to play the game.

5-28-62-65-70 and the Mega Ball, 5. If no one wins, the jackpot will go up even more and the next drawing will be Friday. Officials at that time also increased the chances of winning small prizes.

While no tickets were jackpot winners in the state of California, there were eight tickets sold that matched 5 of the 6 winning numbers. Tonight's Mega Millions drawing will be at 11 p.m.

"A big mistake people think: this is a lot of money so let me help everyone", Laurie Ruckel, a trusts and estates lawyer at Loeb & Loeb law firm in NY, said on Tuesday.

"I believe I already won", Joseph Rauch told Reuters, "believe I believe in the law of attraction".