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Experts are urging Facebook users to watch out for a hoax message that is making rounds on the social media site. If you see another you out there, you can click on the "Report this profile" button on the bogus account's page to have it reported to Facebook.

The message wound up on the radar of the Plaquemines Parish Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, who posted to Facebook asking people to stop sharing the hoax message.

The messages begin with "Hi...."

Some users are being duped into thinking that their accounts have been cloned due to a viral message that says the sender got a duplicate friend request from the recipient. The hoax works by suggesting an account has been cloned, even when it hasn't, prompting anxious users to spread the message to all their friends.

But if you have received one, don't worry - it doesn't mean your account has been cloned and you don't need to share on the message to warn others.

The warning spread in the form of a message, sent from a friend or "friend". I had to do the people individually.

The best thing to do when you receive this latest message is to delete it and move on. Good Luck! PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A NEW ONE FROM ME AT THIS TIME.

Facebook really did fess up to a "security issue" a couple of weeks ago, and noted that nearly 50 million accounts may have been affected by it. Then, they send a bunch of friend requests to the original account's friend list, to try to scam the person's unsuspecting friends into granting access to their personal information by accepting the request.