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Grace is an fantastic character, one who feels very at home in the optimistic and sometime idealistic world of Doctor Who, and Clarke plays her to perfection.

Well, you'd better get used to it, lads, because Ms Whittaker is here now and she's absolutely wonderful.

Anyone who has been watching the long-running BBC series over the past few years should not find a female Time Lord surprising.

Most new Doctors need a couple of episodes to bed in. I mean, genuinely. I love her.

The Thirteenth Doctor is, of course, is of course depicted as she appears on the hit BBC sci-fi adventure, with a rainbow-striped T-shirt, suspenders, cropped trousers, hooded trench coat and lace-up (albeit plastic) boots, looking as if she just stepped out of the TARDIS. We didn't have that kind of decision making for me.

There's a lot riding on this episode, probably the most important since Russell T Davies relaunched the series with Christopher Eccleston in 2005.

"This production value and writing is everything I've always wanted this show to be. I think, it's a really important moment because its 2018 and we shouldn't be surprised that sometimes our heroes are women".

Doctor Who continues on BBC1, Sunday 14th October at 6.45pm.

British tabloid The Daily Mail published two reviews - one positive, one negative. While this may well have been a red herring, Doctor Who is a time-travel show and Grace is such as great character, part of me can't help but hope for the return of the cheeky Grandmother. Five minutes into the episode, Tenant said, he'd all but forgotten his friendships with Whittaker and exec producer Chris Chibnall and must got caught up in the fun of the show.

At another point she says: "We're all capable of the most incredible change". They're off kilter, walking on baby legs as they discover the new aspects of themselves. Personally, I'd rather have seen all four of them go off on an adventure with the Doctor but sadly, it was not to be... or was it? She nails the character and immediately re-energises a series that was in danger of disappearing into its own black hole. It will screen on the ABC on Monday nights at 5.55pm.