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"I want to ask you about these new developments we found out overnight, these police documents that show that Brett Kavanaugh threw ice in someone's face during a bar fight when he was in college". I don't expect that P.J. and Leland would remember this evening. I don't remember. How many years ago was it?

Responding to a report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation has not conducted those interviews because of a lack of authorization from the White House, Sanders said Trump has "indicated that whoever the Federal Bureau of Investigation deems necessary to interview, he's fine with that".

CHANG: So as we noted, the president's tone - it shifted dramatically last night. "It's kind of appalling", Flake said.

At a rally in MS on Tuesday night, Trump delivered an impression of Ford's testimony before Congress, mocking her for not remembering details about the night she claims she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh.

"I thought her testimony was very compelling and she looks like a very fine woman to me". "I don't remember", he then parroted. And he was playing it to laughs and cheers from that audience.

Separately, Senator Susan Collins told reporters: "The president's comments were just plain wrong".

As Republicans fight headwinds ahead of the November 6 midterm elections, Trump sought to rally his supporters behind Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith, who was appointed to fill the seat of Thad Cochran, who retired in April.

KURTZLEBEN: Right. Well, they're not happy.

However, Prof Ford's lawyers say the FBI has not yet spoken to her and say it is "inconceivable" that the agency could conduct a thorough investigation without interviewing her.

McConnell in a floor speech Wednesday says the Senate will vote on Kavanaugh's nomination this week. "I don't know". Upstairs, downstairs, where I was. Kavanaugh steadfastly denies the allegations.

Ketterer said Swetnick never mentioned a sexual attack to him, but she told him she enjoyed sex with multiple partners. He likewise said that to a crowd. And you know, he really seemed to be saying - she's unattractive, and that wouldn't have happened, therefore.

The FBI has already interviewed Mark Judge, a friend of Kavanaugh, as well as at least three other people with information about the allegations made by Ford and a second accuser, Deborah Ramirez. The full Senate can vote to allow a vote on Kavanaugh's nomination (yes, you read that right) on Friday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said the chamber will vote on Mr Kavanaugh later this week, and the conservative jurist's fate is in the hands of a handful of undecided Republican and Democratic senators. He presented the facts from the viewpoint of his nominee and supporters. But certainly she was a very credible witness. "I think it is absolutely disgraceful what they've done and exploiting this process". It was incredible. It was an incredible moment, I think, in the history of our country.

The court's nine justices are appointed for life and have the final say on some of the most contentious issues in USA public life, from abortion, to gun control, to voting laws. Democratic Sen. Richard Blumenthal of CT, who sits on the Judiciary Committee and is a frequent Trump critic, slammed Trump for the remark.