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President Trump mocked and imitated Dr. Christine Blasey Ford at his "Make America Great Again" rally in Mississippi Tuesday night, questioning the credibility of the testimony she gave to the Senate Judiciary Committee last Thursday. 'I had one beer, ' right?

The FBI will also question Leland Keyser and P.J. Smyth, two people who Ford said were at the gathering of teenagers where Kavanaugh allegedly assaulted her.

" "How did you get home?' 'I don't remember.' 'How did you get there?' 'I don't remember.' 'Where was the place?' 'I don't remember.' 'How many years ago was it?' 'I don't know" - I don't know, I don't know, I don't know", he added, to cheers from supporters.

"It's a very scary time for young men in America when you can be guilty of something that you may not be guilty of", Trump said at the White House. "I never saw Brett black out or not be able to remember the prior evening's events, nor did I ever see Brett act aggressive, hostile or in a sexually aggressive manner to women", wrote one of them, Dan Murphy, a former suitemate of Kavanaugh. And I think the country needs to be behind it and we need a more bipartisan process.

Trump's comments were met with laughter and applause from the crowd. 'I don't know. I don't know. "What neighborhood was it in?" "The people who knew me then know that this did not happen, and have said so". Downstairs. I don't know. "'I don't remember, '" Trump said.

Flake had initially said he would vote for Kavanaugh after last week's hearings.

As President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans wait for the outcome of an FBI background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, outside groups are using the lull to ramp up their pitch to voters.

Mr Kavanaugh denies the claims.

Ford has not been contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, her lawyer said; Ramirez has, but her attorney said investigators haven't contacted anyone on her list of 20 witnesses.

"That will not be used as another reason for delay, I can tell you that", he said. "I have a very open mind".

He said he thought the judge "is doing very well right now". "This is not a man that said. he was ideal with respect to alcohol". Rep. Steve King of Iowa said "if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, every man is subject to seeing their life's work and their reputation destroyed by an unsubstantiated allegation." Sen. His wife is shattered, his daughters.

Speaking to reporters in Washington earlier in the day, Trump had appeared to take aim at the broader #MeToo movement against sexual assault and harassment, saying that it had reversed the burden of proof required by the judicial system. You can do anything ... Grab them by the p****.

Trump and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders have dismissed Woodward's book as a work of fiction. I met him for the first time a few weeks ago.

The president seemed to suggest she did not know on what floor of the property the alleged attack had occurred, but Prof Ford told senators she remembered being pushed into a bedroom on the upstairs level. And in an apparent swipe at all of Kavanaugh's accusers, he declared: "These are really evil people".

"You could be somebody that was flawless their entire life and someone could accuse you of something", Trump told reporters Tuesday afternoon.

"Think of your son", Trump said.

He launched into a hypothetical riff about a young man who got a job at IBM or General Motors but is falsely accused of sexual assault.

'What do I do Mom?

"Hopefully, they'll have a vote by the end of the week and it will be a positive vote, but it will be dependent on what comes back from the FBI", Trump said.

'It's a d**n sad situation, ' Trump continued. This, of course, is late-night TV gold, and Tuesday's Late Show got things started with a special Kavanaugh version UB40's hit cover of "Red Red Wine".