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He wore the same hat - a variation of President Donald Trump's signature one, customized by West himself - at his performance on the premier last night. If you remember, this was a song that was played at the listening party for Teyana's album KTSE but did not make the cut when the project hit stores.

To perform his latest track 'I Love It' with Lil Pump, West dressed up as a giant Perrier bottle of sparkling water and Lil Pump donned a giant Fiji (still) water costume.

Kanye said he was pressured not to come on stage wearing what is now his signature "Make America Great Again" hat. He's racist.' Well, if I was concerned about racism, I would have moved out of America a long time ago. Rock can be heard going "Oh my god" and laughing behind the camera.

"They bully me backstage", he claimed.

"I believe "ye" is the most commonly used word in the Bible, and in the Bible it means 'you, '" he said. They bully me! And then they say I'm in the "sunken place". "You can't tell me what to do".

Criticising the media, Kanye continued: "90 percent of the media is liberal". His speech was met with a mix of boos and cheers from the audience. For all his "try love" talk, the reality is that West consistently uses his platform to incite and divide. Despite the harsh criticism that comes along with being a superstar, Kanye has proven time and time again that he's not afraid to express what he's feeling and we commend him for that.

In a format change from previous seasons, West returned for a third performance during the episode's credits.

West had been a last-minute replacement for Ariana Grande, who was originally scheduled to be Saturday's musical guest before dropping out, citing "emotional reasons".

This follows a trend that began with Kanye West's series of 7-song collaboration albums released earlier this year.