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Meghan Markle was arriving at the Royal Academy of Arts to attend the opening of an art exhibit titled "Oceania" in her first solo outing as a royal, when she broke protocol through casually shutting her own auto door. She knows it's much more efficient to just shut the damn door and move on.

Whether the gesture was planned or not, it worked wonders on people observing it on social media.

As you might imagine, there are a lot of cynics on Twitter enjoying the "woman closes own vehicle door" spectacle and weighing in with their own amusing takes.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who normally travel in royal vehicle or carriage, were spotted taking the train to their latest royal event.

Meghan made in headlines in June after she crossed her legs while sitting with Harry and his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, at a Buckingham Palace reception for the Queen's Young Leaders.

One wrote: "Of course she did".

"First time I've seen an on-duty princess shut her own vehicle door", wrote one Twitter user.

On Tuesday evening the Duchess of Sussex provoked commentary on social media through doing something most of us do every day - closing her auto door.

"Bizarrely sharing my train with Harry & Meghan today", Twitter user Jonny Norton captioned the video.

Etiquette and protocol coach William Hanson told BBC News that Meghan didn't breach the royal protocol.

It's official - Prince Harry is a feminist, Meghan Markle revealed today.

He said: "Usually royalty and dignitaries have someone to open/close vehicle doors for security reasons: nothing to do with "princess behaviour".

The Duchess of Sussex visited the Royal Academy of Arts, where on display are some 200 works.

Meanwhile, The Sun's royal correspondent Emily Andrews tweeted: "A princess who still takes the time to shut her auto door".

"Meghan clearly just shut the door out of force of habit".