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Google Search is now available in more than 150 languages and over 190 countries.

The Images overhaul includes carousels of online video clip highlights displayed with mobile search query results.

How AMP stories in search works: Google has been incorporating more images and video in its search results for years, and AMP stories is a continuation of that effort.

While the Easter Eggs certainly bring much-needed light-heartedness to the otherwise stoic Google Search, they also show how integral Google Search became over its two decades of existence. It has been mentioned that these new features will be reaching end users over the next few months so it may not be there on your devices yet. Each activity card will display related search queries and all the pages you previously visited that were related to the topic.

'Retracing your steps online can be really hard, ' Fox explained.

First there's the new Activity Card, which appears as a thin strip above your results. More information will be shown along with images and Google Lens on the mobile web.

"Every change to Search is evaluated by experimentation and by raters using these guidelines". Some bilingual users may like that Discover can surface content in multiple languages, starting with English and Spanish.

In accompanying images, a user points a smartphone camera at a friend's sneakers and presses on where the shoes appear.

This year's Google Doodle features letter-shaped balloons attached to a gift box. Google is able to parse the content of videos to present purely relevant snippets in a useful way in search, connecting content to categories and topics.

In a blog post, Ben Gomes, VP, Search, News and Assistant, at Google said while nearly everything had changed about "technology and the information available to us, the core principles of Search have stayed the same". Certain Easter Eggs even change what Google Search looks like, such as askew, Atari breakouts, Zerg rushes, and Blink html.

Gomes, one of Google's first principal engineers and now its head of search, kicked off Monday's press event in San Francisco by putting into perspective how far Google and the web have come. "Today, we're introducing ... fundamental shifts in how we think about Search, including a range of new features that use AI to make your search experience more visual and enjoyable".

'... Fast forward to today, and now we index hundreds of billions of pages in our index - more information than all the libraries in the world could hold. The upcoming Featured Videos function automatically generates preview clips that show the most relevant sections.