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Bill Cosby is waking up behind bars in a Pennsylvania state prison.

Really dude? Really? You're comparing serial rapist Bill Cosby to Jesus H. Christ?

Yet Cosby's publicist, Andrew Wyatt, maintained his client's innocence in a freaky Tuesday afternoon press conference in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt said Tuesday after the comedian's sentencing that Cosby was "one of the greatest civil rights leaders in the United States for over the past 50 years", while decrying the trial as the "most sexist and racist" in the country's history.

He also added, weirdly, that one "is a practitioner of mindfulness", which "is an eastern-inspired practice that is controversial in the field of psychology." Um.

In recent years, dozens of women said that Cosby sexually abused them over several decades.

Cosby's sentence included lifetime mandatory sex offender counseling.

Judge O'Neill ruled that with Cosby having been convicted of drugging and raping Constand, he will be officially classified as a violent sexual predator.

His fate at a new facility remains to be seen but at SCI Phoenix Cosby spent his first night in his own cell without a cellmate.

"What is going on in Washington today with Judge Kavanaugh is part of that sex war that Judge [Steven T.] O'Neill, along with his wife, are a part of", Wyatt said.

Cosby - who is legally blind and uses a cane - removed his watch, tie and jacket and walked out in a white dress shirt and red suspenders, his hands cuffed in front of him.

In addition, Cosby was fined $25,000 and denied bail while appealing the sexual assault conviction. We should be praising these women for showing us exactly who he is.

-In the same time period, the number of prisoners age 55 or older sentenced to more than 1 year in state prison increased 400 percent. Each count carried a potential sentence of 10 years, but the defense team and prosecutors agreed that the counts would be merged into one.