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But Burnett's wife, Roma Downey, tweeted a totally different perspective of the scuffle - claiming that Arnold had "ambushed" her husband and gave her a bruised hand during the ensuing commotion.

Arnold wasn't tagged in the tweet, but he fired back nearly immediately.

Deadline reports that after the incident Arnold was telling onlookers that he had obtained Apprentice tapes and passed them along to reporter Ronan Farrow, whose reporting on film producer Harvey Weinstein and TV executive Les Moonves' alleged sexual misconduct helped bring them down.

Matthew Belloni, the editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, tweeted that he spoke to Arnold's attorney, who called the confrontation an "unprovoked attack" by Burnett.

Trump was the host of the show for several seasons, and Arnold claims that there is a huge collection of the President making offensive comments, which Trump denies exist. "Bulls-. You lie your insane husband attacked me you psycho". Patton Oswalt later posted a selfie with Arnold to show fans that the "brutal angel" is okay. She claims that Arnold attacked them, not the other way around, and that she was even bruised in the altercation.

On social media, there was speculation Sunday's incident was a publicity stunt for Arnold's new show.

"I'm going to dig as deep as I have to expose the ugly truth about the ugly man", Arnold says in the show's trailer, which features all the tropes of an investigative series, albeit one that seems somewhat harebrained.

Arnold said on Twitter that Fogel "has tape". "They absolutely know it's true". The president also reportedly uses the N-word and "calls Eric [Trump] the R-word", Arnold told Jimmy Kimmel. "I don't have that word in my vocabulary, and never have". (A source within earshot of the tussle said Arnold challenged Burnett on the Apprentice outtakes, specifically.) The source also said it was unclear who made the first move. One 12-hour day of Trump Tower in that boardroom. "He sexually harasses people".