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We'll know for certain when Apple release the full line-up for our online inspection and judgement this Wednesday.

Apple's XC is rumoured to have a slightly less flash LCD screen which is pretty big at 6.1-inches.

According to MacRumours, pricing for the devices have been leaked to be $900 (around R13 500) for the iPhone XS, $1 015 (around R15 300) for the iPhone XS Plus or Max, and $700 (around R10 500) for the iPhone XC.

Apple may throw a wrench in its usual iPhone naming scheme by using letters (and Roman numerals) instead of numbers.

Citing sources, the report also mentions that while Apple will put all three new iPhones up for sale soon after their announcement, the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone will face some supply issues initially due to minor production issues with its LCD screen. Now, the leaked China Telecom's teaser image also confirms the dual SIM feature with dual 4G support.

In addition to the abundance of colour options, the iPhone Xc will also bring dual-SIM functionality to its users which is yet to be a "first" in the company's history. The iPhone 9 will be the only iPhone to come with LCD display this year, while the other two will have OLED displays on board.

Apple's "Gather Around" special event on September 12 is merely a day away and the leaks have started intensifying until the launch officiates the details about the three upcoming iPhone models.

In his notes, Kuo also made some predictions regarding this year's Apple Watch range, stating that each model "will have narrower bezels, support electrocardiography (ECG), and all be equipped with ceramic backs (currently, some models are equipped with composite backs)". Past year reports believed that we'll see an iPhone Pro, but these never materialized.

An upgraded version of the iPhone X with a 5.8-inch screen, but adding a faster processor and upgraded cameras. These models would be launched along with a new iPad Pro 2018, MacBook and Apple smart Watch.

This week is a big one for fans of Apple smartphones, as the company will announce iPhones on Wednesday.

Matching up with previous leaks, the iPhone XC features a single rear camera with LED flash.