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The iPhone XS Max will sport the largest display on any iPhone. The new version of iPhone X will be significantly cheaper than its predecessor with an OLED screen close up.

It is long speculated that the next-in-line iPhone will be called the iPhone Xs which will take on the design from the current iPhone X and bring some upgrades under the hood.

Apple will be holding its event on September 12. Both cases are branded with the name of the well-known manufacturer Speck. The 6.1-inch LCD variation will be the most reasonable on the list with a $600-$700 tag price. However, the second is demonstrably out of proportion with the demo device. The long-rumored color change has been the golden version of the iPhone X. We are very confident that this will actually happen. Apple's move comes a few days after reports of an issue that causes the device to restart, freeze, and respond slowly. Let us know about your theories and opinions about the 2018 iPhones in the comments section below.

But we don't really expect you to drop that kind of money on a new iPhone.

A attendee uses a new iPhone X during a presentation for the media in Beijing, China October 31, 2017. The devices that are affected by the manufacturing defect may experience unexpected restarts, a frozen screen or it won't switch on. It is seen sporting a glassy back panel with Red, White and Blue colours. Past leaks had just said that Apple was wanting to call both OLED iPhones, i.e., the 5.8-inch and 6.5-inch gadgets, as iPhone Xs.

According to investment firm Rosenblatt Securities and some CNET reporting based on similar rumors, the new iPhones that have an OLED screen - that is, the 5.8- and 6.5-inch models - may support an "iPen" device. That said, rumour also has it that Apple is facing production issues with the low-priced iPhone 9.

Many believe smartphones will begin utilizing a virtual SIM card or eSIM, to replace physical SIM cards provided by a carrier. Apple has been offering iPhone models in two sizes since the iPhone 6 and it started using Plus to differentiate the two variants in 2014.

Google is also all set to announce its Pixel sequel on October 9, and this time too, we expect the search giant to do wonders with the minimal hardware.