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When the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran meet in Tehran on Friday, Sept. 7, all eyes will be on their diplomacy averting a bloodbath in Idlib, Syria's crowded northwestern province and last opposition stronghold.

He warned that millions of refugees would reach Turkey if a major attack took place.

As they discussed the fate of Idlib, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was talking tough in NY, telling the Security Council that the United States would consider any assault on the province as a "dangerous escalation" of the conflict that has already claimed more than 400,000 lives and forced more than 5 million Syrians to flee the country.

Witnesses and rescuers said at least a dozen air strikes hit villages and towns in the south of the province.

The shelling killed two men and wounded five others, including two children.

The White Helmets, a team of first responders, also reported on the four people killed in Abdeen.

Russian military spokesman Igor Konashenkov, meanwhile, said Moscow had "irrefutable information" that Syrian rebels were planning a "provocation" in Idlib province to justify western intervention.

Almost 60 Russian air raids hit the south and southeast of Idlib province in less than three hours, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

"[The offensive was delayed] because of Turkish pressure on the Russians".

"Military preparations as we have seen are in full swing". Ankara also has hundreds of troops manning 12 observation posts in Idlib. The Observatory said the clashes left 10 government security personnel and seven Kurdish fighters dead.

She named units of the Syrian armed forces and their commanders that Britain believed were stationed around Idlib, including the 4th Armored Division, the Republican Guard, Tiger Forces and 2nd and 5th Corps.

Although Qamishli is fully controlled by Kurdish forces, Damascus has retained control of a military base in its outskirts.

Trump's embrace of endless war in Syria was revealed just hours ahead of a high-stakes summit in Tehran on Friday between the presidents of Iran, Russia, and Turkey.

Notably, in the past, Jefferyhas promoted USA military intervention in other conflicts provoked by US regime-change efforts, such as his advocacy for sending US troops into Ukraine in order "to send [Russian President Vladimir] Putin a tough message".

What happened in the Tehran summit?

Nearly 3 million civilians live there and the prospects for a humanitarian catastrophe are high if the government doesn't allow an escape route.

Iran has discussed trade in national currencies with Russian Federation and Turkey in order to reduce the impact of USA dollar on the three countries' trade and economies, ILNA reported on Saturday quoting Central bank of Iran (CBI) Governor Abdolnaser Hemmati.

Russian Federation has justified its intention to launch an offensive on Idlib by citing the presence of "terrorists" in the province.