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Badway attempted to assert the Fifth Amendment rights of McClure, 28, and D'Amico, 39, against self-incrimination but Dow said they can do that when she sees them in her courtroom next week.

Bobbitt had just $20 in his pocket when he met stranded motorist Kate McClure last October, but he gave her the money for gas.

The lawyer representing a homeless man who gave his last $20 to a couple stranded on a Pennsylvania interstate previous year says there is no money left from a GoFundMe account the pair created to help the Good Samaritan.

D'Amico told Megyn Kelly last week that thy were "in the process of having everything looked over by our lawyer" and that the money would soon be out of their hands.

The couple missed the Friday afternoon deadline to transfer the money, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

Bobbitt and his attorney say that more $400,000 raised by McClure and her boyfriend in a GoFundMe campaign meant to lift him out of homelessness, has vanished without ever reaching him. He used his last $20 to buy McClure gas. The gesture led to viral fame, including the GoFundMe campaign raising more than $400,000 from 14,000 donors. They didn't buy Bobbitt's dream auto, they bought him different used vehicle, also registered under McClure's name.

Bobbitt also claimed he was given a used SUV while the couple went on lavish vacations and purchased a brand new BMW, presumably with the money raised on GoFundMe.

Bobbitt has filed a lawsuit against McClure and D'Amico, accusing the couple of grossly mismanaging the money raised on his behalf.

"You should advise your clients that they are directed by the court to appear, and they can assert their privileges at that time", Dow told Badway during Wednesday's hearing in Mount Holly, New Jersey.

In a statement, GoFundMe revealed it had deposited $20,000 into an account created by Bobbitt's legal team for the sole objective of the ongoing investigation.

When the feel-good story about a chance encounter between Johnny Bobbitt and Kate McClure that changed both their lives hit the daytime TV circuit, he said her generosity inspired an "indescribable" feeling in him.

Where exactly did Johnny Bobbitt $400K Gofundme donated money go?

That's what the attorney for North Carolina-native and homeless veteran Johnny Bobbitt Jr. said, according to WPVI.

Badway also said his clients spent around $200,000 of the money on Bobbitt (including a $25,000 deposit for a bank account they helped him open) but he allegedly blew through that money in 13 days.

During an August 29 court proceeding, a judge gave McClure and D'Amico until August 31 to turn over any remaining funds to Bobbitt, but that reportedly never happened.

Last week, lawyers debated the amount of GoFundMe money left in the account.

Bobbitt sued the couple to get the rest of his money, claiming he only received a portion of the funds and now has run out of money and is living on the streets again and back on drugs.

She also ruled that the pair needed to provide a full accounting of the money's whereabouts - only to find out there was nothing left.

After the television appearance, D'Amico sent Bobbitt a text message suggesting that Bobbitt abandon his lawyers in exchange for a check.

"Giving him all that money, it's never going to happen".

Asked to comment on this claim, the couple's attorney, Ernest Badway, said by email, "We have no comment".

As for next steps, Fallon says all they can do is try to follow the trail. They also promised to purchase him a home and his dream auto, a 1999 Ford Ranger. Fallon told The Inquirer that the next hearing could be as early as Wednesday.