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Republicans, including Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), are saying the number of records released in the Kavanaugh confirmation process already exceeds the number of records released for previous candidates for Supreme Court seats.

Kavanaugh promises that if confirmed he will "keep an open mind in every case".

Kavanaugh's Republican supporters say he is one of the most qualified jurists ever to be considered for the nation's highest court.

The Democrats ultimately come to a compromise - a disruptive and chaotic hearing, Politico reported.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary panel, introduced Guttenberg and several other advocates during her opening statement.

"This process will be tainted and stained forever" should it proceed as scheduled, Blumenthal said.

Should a single Republican defect to oppose Kavanaugh it could throw his confirmation into jeopardy, but there has been little sign that any member of the GOP was prepared to buck Trump and their party leadership.

Kavanaugh goes back before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, as senators receive their first chance to publicly interview President Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court.

The president lashed out at the Democrats for their "despicable" behaviour.

"If this is how the Democrats conduct themselves at what should be a sober hearing for one of the most important posts in the land, imagine how they'll govern should they gain a majority in November". "So sad to see!"

Trump is facing dismal approval ratings as special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation of possible Russian collusion with Trump's team closes in on the White House.

As a young lawyer, Kavanaugh worked for Justice Anthony Kennedy, whom he would replace on the high court. Democrats signaled that they would press Kavanaugh in depth on abortion and gun rights, among other issues, when they get to question the nominee.

The scenes were extraordinary, even for those with decades of Capitol Hill experience, as lawmakers spent more than an hour debating a path forward.

Some of the sessions have focused on making sure that he is comfortable "with people shouting him down" or being heckled by protesters. While over 415,000 pages of documents have already been released, others are now being withheld under executive privilege.

At some point, an organized group of protesters, who were infiltrating the hearing room and posing as citizens interested in watching the proceedings, began adding their voices to the "discussion". Democratic senators urged the committee adjourn because the White House released additional documents Monday night from Kavanaugh's time with the George W. Bush administration.

"What is the rush?" Presidential hopefuls like Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Cory Booker (D-NJ) especially shined.

Pressed by Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, a Republican, on whether he would be independent from the president who nominated him, Kavanaugh responded, "No one is above the law".

In an email, the White House spokesman Raj Shah wrote: "I stand by my tweet/email on this topic", when asked about video of the interaction that appears to contradict the White House's claim that security had intervened "before the Judge was able to shake [Guttenberg's] hand".

"I find it hard to imagine that your views on this subject escaped the attention of President Trump, who seems increasingly fixated on his own ballooning legal jeopardy", Democratic Senator Patrick Leahy said.