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Officials in Puerto Rico recently accepted the findings of an independent investigation which revealed close to 3,000 people died from Hurricane Maria, a significant increase from the previous estimate of 64.

While Puerto Rican Gov. Ricardo Rossello adopted the lower number as the official count, Rossello's number could rise, the Washington Post reported today.

The government of Puerto Rico stopped publicly sharing its data on hurricane deaths in December 2017.

Yulín Cruz, In an interview with the BBC, said Trump and his administration have a "ridiculous obsession" with making the federal government relief efforts "a good news story".

After almost a year of controversy over the death toll from the September 2017 storm, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello said Tuesday that the new estimate of 2,975 dead would be considered the official figure. Critical to the response were and are FEMA and PREMA (Puerto Rico Emergency Management Agency), whose professionalism and compassion played a key role in saving lives on the island".

Puerto Rico hurricane evacuees living in hotels across the USA can be evicted in two weeks, a MA judge ruled Thursday, saying he didn't believe it was the right thing to do but that his hands were tied by the law. "Shame on President Trump for not even once, not even yesterday, just saying, 'Look, I grieve with the people of Puerto Rico'".

"I've got family over there and a lot of friends", she said.

Deaths blamed on Hurricane Katrina in 2005 range from about 1,200 to more than 1,800, with most along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Mississippi.

That figure was then compared to the number of deaths reported from September 2017, when the hurricane hit, to February 2018, when the island still struggled with blackouts and a shortages of essential supplies on the road to recovery.

During a visit in October, Mr Trump had suggested officials should be "proud" the death toll - at the time only 16 - was not as high as "a real catastrophe" like Katrina.

"I think most of the people in Puerto Rico really appreciate what we have done", said Trump.

Rossello told CNN two days after the storm hit that 13 people had died in the storm.

Puerto Rico has been reeling ever since the storm struck - with residents still suffering blackouts, broken infrastructure and a lack of services.

"We have now a container overcrowded with, you know, these dead bodies", said Quinones. Power on Puerto Rico was only restored last month, according to the New York Times. They also took into account an 8 percent drop in Puerto Rico's population in the six months after the storm, when tens of thousands fled because of the damage.

Rescue workers come to the rescue after Hurricane Maria.