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Venture beat just reported that a blog post appeared on Xbox Wire confirming the announcement.

With the new Microsoft All Access pass, buyers can bundle a new Xbox One, Xbox Game Pass, and use online services with Xbox Live Gold without paying upfront.

With an Xbox One X retailing at US$499, adding two twelve-month Game Pass and Live subscriptions for US$239.76 and US$119.98 respectively would cost a total of US$858.74.

Subscribers would have a choice of an Xbox One S for roughly $22 a month, or an Xbox One X for about $35 per month.

As The Verge reports, sources familiar with Microsoft's plans believe the company is preparing to launch a new Xbox subscription service codenamed Project Largo, but at launch will be called Xbox All Access. The Xbox One X version only saves about $20. Anyone who wishes to opt out of their plan early will need to pay the outstanding cost of the console to do so. While the interest-free financing plan doesn't require any upfront costs, consumers won't see too much in savings when comparing the cost of purchasing everything separately to the listed promotional bundles. Available at time of purchase from 08/27/2018 through 12/31/2018, while supplies last. The $860 becomes $840 after 24 payments, but is still a good deal considering there is no upfront cost and no interest if it is paid off within 24 months. Outstanding balances at end of promotional period are subject to terms of Credit Agreement for existing accountholders.

What is a Dell Preferred account? If you want to do only purchases, that's also fine. The programme lets you download and play games from a growing library of over 100 as if you owned them for as long as you're a member. In other words, outside of what's likely a 30-day return policy, you're stuck with this if you change your mind later.

Microsoft's Game Pass is a service that offers fantastic value. Obviously, that first step is going to be a bit of a hurdle, and for those Europeans out there now planning a trip to NYC to take advantage of this, I'd probably assume you need to be a United States resident, but feel free to report back if it works.