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Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said Russia is "very concerned" by the threat and suggested there may be chemical attack "provocations" assisted by USA spy agencies in Syria as a pretext for new US military action.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry on Wednesday condemned the tripartite statement as part of "the campaign of threats, hypocrisy, and misinformation resorted to by those powers against the Syrian Arab Republic, which comes in the framework of the outright support to the terrorist groups".

The administration of U.S. President warned the Russian authorities that in the case of al-Assad's army in Syria's chemical weapons in the country will be dealt a blow that will be much stronger than the previous.

Russian Federation on Saturday said Syrian rebels are preparing a chemical attack in Idlib province which will be blamed on Damascus and used as a pretext for Western powers to hit government targets in the war-torn country.

As the Assad-Russia-Iran alliance gained a decisive advantage over Western-backed rebel groups, U.S. goals in Syria have shifted. -Russian talks in Geneva also addressed topics including the possible removal of American troops from a military base on the Syria-Iraq border, or their cooperation with Russian forces nearby, according to the people familiar with the talks. It is trying to avert an attack by forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is backed by Moscow. Still, the issue was raised in Geneva-and so was the prospect of an eventual withdrawal of all United States troops from Syria, something Trump aides said on Saturday that the president is still keen to achieve. The US would also have to be satisfied that Islamic State has been completely crushed in Syria.

According to the Agency, the US authorities have information about the possibility of using the Syrian army to chemical weapons in an attempt to reclaim the territory controlled by armed groups. "We warn the United States and its allies against new reckless moves", Ryabkov said.

Again, no agreement was reached.

He said further talks on Idlib would take place in Moscow later on Friday involving the two countries' defence ministers and intelligence services.

On the wider issue of Iran, America and Russian Federation remain far apart.

He also said Russian Federation views the American demands to reduce Iran's role across the region as "out of touch with reality" and warned that forcing the issue could further destabilize the region.