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"President Trump is well known for giving people opportunities to advance in their careers and lives over the decades, but wrong is wrong, and a direct violation of an agreement must be addressed and the violator must be held accountable". And on Tuesday, Trump praised his chief of staff John Kelly for "firing that dog!".

While the White House brushed the incident aside as if the media had made a big deal out of nothing, Manigault Newman tells a different story.

Manigault Newman's tell-all book, "Unhinged", hits bookstores on Tuesday.

Manigault Newman said she viewed the conversation as a "threat" and defended her decision to covertly record it and other White House conversations, saying otherwise "no one" would believe her.

"I am trying to find at least what context it was used in to help us maybe try to figure out a way to spin it", Pierson is heard saying.

Manigault-Newman also accuses Trump in the book of being "racist" and a "misogynist", and of being "mentally and physically impaired".

CBS News omitted Patton's claim that subsequent investigation had suggested the supposed source of the "n-word" tape ever possessed the tape or played it for Omarosa. Rep Frederica S Wilson, a Democrat from Florida, said during an interview on CNN.

According to a sample of the agreement provided to Secrets, she was required to keep proprietary information about the president, his companies or his family confidential and to never "disparage" the Trump family "during the term of your service and at all times thereafter."...

In his latest tweet, Mr Trump fired back at the former aide, calling her a "dog" and "crazed lowlife".

He confirmed to me (before Hardball had even gone off the air) that he does NOT have an audio tape of President Trump using the "N-word" and has NEVER had an audio tape of President Trump using the "N-word". Trump has, however, multiple times said that people were "fired like a dog," using the dig to describe everyone from 2012 Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

Conway said that she has never heard Trump use a racial slur and that Manigault Newman never relayed concerns to her about hearing one.

But then again, maybe that is why his campaign team got her to sign a confidentiality agreement in the first place.

As for the potential legal repercussions of secretly taping within one of the most secure White House conference rooms-an action she said she felt she needed to take to protect her own credibility-Manigault-Newman says she's not anxious.

Trump has threatened legal action against book authors and other perceived adversaries in the past but has not followed through on many occasions.

Manigault Newman's exit does highlight the lack of diversity among Trump's top aides. 'And why wouldn't we?' She added: "We've all signed them in the West Wing'".