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"Youre entitled to protect your castle", Durell Peaden, a Republican state senator who sponsored the "stand your ground" law, said in 2005.

Jacobs, who witnessed the shooting along with the couple's 5-year-old son, said she and her two small children were waiting in the auto for her boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton, while he ran into a convenience store in Clearwater, Florida. Upon seeing Drejka screaming and cursing at Jacobs, McGlockton shoved him to the ground.

Rich Kelly says the man picked a fight with him over a parking spot, using racial slurs, and even threatening to kill him.

Richard Kelly, a regular at the convenience store, said he was confronted by Drejka once for parking his tanker truck in the same handicap spot.

While police didn't arrest Drejka, Jacobs is looking into a lawyer to get justice for her now-deceased boyfriend. "He was picking a fight".

Drejka, who is a lawful concealed carry permit holder, then reaches for his gun and points it at McGlockton, who begins to back away from him. "I'm just sitting, waiting for my family to come back to the auto". "My dude steps back 'cause my dude is fearing for his life - all of us were", she added.

"The law in the state of Florida today is that people have a right to stand their ground and have a right to defend themselves when they believe that they are in harm". He was pronounced dead a short time later.

Sgt. Spencer Gross of the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office said the shooting stemmed from an argument over a parking spot.

Now protesters say they feel very strongly that this shouldn't have fallen under "Stand Your Ground" because of how it all happened. Sheriff Gualtieri explained how the changes keep his officers from making an arrest in this case.

"Everybody is panicking.my son is screaming, but it was too late", she said.

Though Drejka will not be charged, the state's attorney will still be reviewing the case. I'm not saying I agree with it, but I don't make that call'.

After the shooting, as McGlockton bled to death on the floor of the convenience store, his five-year-old son, Markeis Jnr, watched as his mother pressed a shirt to the chest of his mortally wounded father, trying unsuccessfully to keep him alive.

The mother said she started feeling "scared" as the argument quickly escalated. My 5-year-old saw it all! The State Attorney's Office is now investigating the matter further. "I need something to be done because this is not right".

The sheriff's office on Saturday stood by the sheriff's comments during Friday's news conference, said police spokesman Spencer Gross.