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Carpenter said that the boy was bitten after a wave knocked him off his boogie board. Burgess said that the size and shape of the bites, and the tooth embedded in one victim's leg, indicate that the shark is either a small shark of a larger species, or a species small in size.

- A 12-year-old girl and a boy were bitten while in the ocean water off Fire Island. The 13-year-old boy was bitten in the water around noon at Atlantique Beach, while the 12-year-old Lola Pollina was bitten around the same time at Sailor Haven Beach.

The boy sported bite marks on his leg and emergency respondent extracted a shark tooth from the injury. Although his daughter was able to walk after the attack, she was also taken to an area hospital. Neither Suffolk County nor the National Parks Service - which oversees some of Fire Island's beaches - have yet confirmed that either of the bites came from sharks. "I thought it was a shark".

"I saw something, like, next to me, and I kind of felt pain, and looked and I saw a fin", she said of the attack, at Sailors Haven in Brookhaven.

The last incident was in 1948, he said. She said it only hurt when lifeguards started poking around the wound.

Separately, a 7-foot (2.2 meter)-long tiger shark was caught by a fisherman at Kismet, another beach town 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Islip, Levine said, adding he doubted either animal involved in Wednesday's attacks was that large.

"The water is lovely, it is magnificent here. but the water can be treacherous", Carpenter said.

Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo released a statement saying he had deployed DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos to lead a multi-agency investigation into the possible shark attacks. Bathers were allowed to return to the water after the lifeguard sighting was confirmed to be a sandbar shark.