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POTUS got trolled hard by actual best selling author, J.K. Rowling; various other celebrities; the dictionary and many other English-speakers.

In a self-explanatory post, the famous Harry Potter author JK Rowling retweeted Trump's original (now deleted) tweet on Wednesday (July 4) and took her time laughing at Trump's inconspicuous misspelling. "I capitalise certain words only for emphasis, not b/c they should be capitalised!"

What Trump clearly meant to write in his tweet was "pore over", which means to study carefully.

Trump's tweet also boasted about his "many best selling books" to his name and his writing ability.

The Trump biographer Tim O'Brien, who wrote "Trump Nation", also weighed in on Trump's tweet, disputing the claim that Trump had written many best-sellers.

In one, the Harry Potter books' author sarcastically called him the "Gratest Writer on earth".

Just as America was celebrating its 242nd Independence Day, the great nation realised it's not totally free from its President's tweets.

The original tweet was changed after two hours, presumably after someone in Trump's team looked in a dictionary for the spelling of "pore".

Rowling would post five tweets on the matter, of which three were simple extended "haha" messages until the character limit had been reached.

If that wasn't enough noted writer JK Rowling's tweet in response to Trump made it another talking point on Twitter.

She even commented that Trump didn't write his books, as a ghostwriter came forward - suggesting that he's taking credit where credit is not due.

Best-selling author Rowling picked up on the unfortunate typo, retweeting it and writing "hahaha" over and over in a series of tweets.