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Two days after President Trump signed an executive order that will keep families who illegally cross the border together, questions still remain about its real-world implications.

U.S. president Donald Trump may have doomed the chances for a House Republican immigration bill after urging party lawmakers to abandon the compromise effort they have been working on for weeks, the media reported.

He accused Democratic members with "just playing games" and having "no intention" of helping Republicans "to solves this decades old problem".

But, in a series of Twitter posts early on Friday, he said House Republicans should drop efforts to pass comprehensive immigration legislation until after the November elections.

Protestors demonstrated Friday morning outside the suburban Washington home of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, two days after Trump announced her department would take over the handling and processing of families at the border.

"We can not allow our country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections", Trump tweeted.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the more moderate Republican bill is "a compromise with the devil".

The charade began last month, when a group of vulnerable House Republicans made a decision to try to force a vote on a clean DREAM Act (i.e., legislation that gave a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers without funding Trump's wall or slashing legal immigration). "The separation here is from the facts".

In an embarrassing detour, the House used an early procedural vote to correct what Republicans called a drafting error - language providing $100 billion more than they'd planned to help build Trump's proposed border wall with Mexico.

There were also signs that the administration was dialing back, at least for now, its "zero tolerance" policy of prosecuting all adults caught crossing into the USA illegally. Mr Trump also said he "will speak to Mexico" after accusing it of allowing illegal immigrants to cross into the US. "What's going to the more than two thousand children that have been separated already?"

Edward J. Markey asked Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen whether children separated from their parents were ever held in MA and if any facilities in the state would be available "to incarcerate family units". They do have, though, very strong Immigration Laws.

Representative Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, the second-highest ranking Democrat in the House, said the president has rejected immigration proposals even as he has shamed lawmakers to do their jobs.

Republican leaders said a vote on the bill would occur next week regardless of Trump's wishes. "That's all we need", Curbelo said.

Calling for a "strong" border, he says: "We can not allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief, hoping it will help them in the elections".

A measure backed by conservative lawmakers failed Thursday.

The U.S. military has been asked to get ready to house up to 20,000 immigrant children, officials said on Thursday, amid confusion over Trump's efforts to roll back the policy of separating children from their parents.

The children wrapped themselves in Mylar blankets and sat in the center of a large prayer circle, and clergy and parents prayed over them. Most Democrats would disagree with being blamed for the now-stalled talks on immigration.

"Even if we get something out of here, you need nine (Senate) Democrats to stop trying to stop things ... and I don't see that happening", Ryan said.