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Leonard, however, wants out of San Antonio and "isn't concerned about missing out on the supermax" as he felt betrayed by the organization, per Chris Haynes of ESPN.

The 26-year-old Leonard has reportedly asked to be traded, with the Los Angeles Lakers said to be the preferred destination. And if you remember, we all thought LaMarcus Aldridge might be dealt in a draft deal last season before a one-on-one with Pop convinced LA to not only stay but also got him to sign an extension that led to his best year as a pro last season.

There is also the belief that the Lakers dealing for Leonard would also help bring in LeBron James and Paul George to create another 'Superteam'.

Harris and one of their first-round picks on Thursday night would be a starting point for the Clippers in any trade talks involving Leonard.

Los Angeles has several quality young players such as Brandon Ingram, Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma.

The latest reports offer strong support of that indication, as Leonard and San Antonio appear to have burned a bridge that can't be repaired. Leonard eventually sought a second opinion and began working with his advisors and doctors, outside of the Spurs' counsel.

Leonard elected not to play through a quadriceps injury in the playoffs - the same one that Tony Parker once had. Jayson Tatum is presumably off the table, but a package consisting of Jaylen Brown and two of Boston's four first-round selections in next year's draft would be a better deal for the Spurs than basically anything else that might be on the table. It adds that the Boston Celtics - who made trade overtures for Leonard before the trade deadline - are expected to be a major suitor. While the Spurs are in no rush to comply with Leonard's demands, it would seem that a draft-day trade would make the most sense for both sides. It may limit the number of offers the Spurs can choose from, unless a team wants to take a risk on having Leonard as a one-year rental. This team has the most assets for a trade. The team could easily hold onto Kawhi if they don't see a trade that pleases them enough, after all the team proved that they would be able to perform without him, at least in the regular season. The two biggest factors are two things that aren't going away any time soon: 1) Gregg Popovich is still the head coach.